Carpet Cleaners Ruislip HA4 to Bring Back the Freshness

Hire local carpet cleaners in Ruislip HA4 for sanitised fabrics and vivid colours of all types of carpets and rugs, as well as upholstery, mattresses, and even curtains!

Your carpet is more than just the combination of fabrics, patterns, and colours. It’s where the sun designates your cat’s favourite napping spot, it’s where those small pieces of a dismantled pen just disappear to be never found again, and of course it’s the keeper of family secrets such as who ate a peanut butter sandwich in front of the TV without using a plate. When you need to get rid of these secrets, and start fresh, don’t head to the store just yet. Give our carpet cleaning methods a try and see that a carpet doesn’t need to be new to look and feel like new.

Hot Water Extraction Method of Carpet Cleaning Ruislip

Deal away with pesky stains and get rid of the dust, grime and allergens lurking among the fibres of your synthetic and wool carpets with this effective quick-dry method of carpet cleaning Ruislip!

  • Before each cleaning session, the technician first inspects the nature of your carpets in order to establish the best method of sanitising.
  • He uses a hoover to remove all solid particles, brush up the fibres, and leave only the stains visible.
  • He then applies eco-friendly cleaning formulae onto the stains and high-traffic areas.
  • Next, it’s time for the professional equipment to do its magic. The Prochem machine we use has a tiny nozzle to inject hot water into the carpet under high pressure.
  • Then, almost all of the moisture (95 percent) is extracted and you can use your carpeted floors in just a couple of hours.
  • We have pads to place under furniture to prevent it from bleeding onto the freshly cleaned carpet and we can also bring an air-mover to speed up the drying process.
  • We also offer a Scotchgard coating which forms a thin film over the fabrics of the carpet to prevent future spills from soaking in.
  • Various discounts when mixing different service. Why not combine your carpet cleaning with end of tenancy or full domestic cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Services Ruislip for the Most Delicate of Fabrics

If you have carpets which are not water-resistant or simply need some freshening up, the dry cleaning method is your plan A, excluding the need for back-ups. With this method, dry absorbent compound (containing small amounts of water, detergent, and solvent,) is worked into the carpet with a machine. When hoovered, the powder lifts off grime and dust.

In case there are some stains marring the appearance of your sisal or coir carpets, the technician will use mild detergents to treat them in advance, taking extra care not to damage the delicate fibres.

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